PicView. The first application that allows you to simultaneously add your voice and annotations to images, videos and business applications.

Fun & Emotion.

Pictures and images. We all take, make, draw, use, love and share them. And don’t we just love the stories behind those moments? Times have changed and we are no longer bound to telling those stories while flipping the pages of a photo album, scrap or sketch book. We twitter, tumbl, instagram, facebook,… for all our friends to instantly join us in that moment. But what about the stories? The tales that make those moments to what they mean to us? How do you put that whole experience into written words, limited characters and inadequate smileys?

PicView brings back the fun of storytelling!

Take a picture, upload an image or a drawing into the app and tell your story right away. Point out specific things or people while explaining the bigger picture all in one go! Get ready for the most natural way of interacting with images. Reminisce over that ever so sweet moment, laugh out loud reliving that hilarious situation, send the ultimate personalized holiday card and keep those memories and voices alive between generations.

Easy & Social.

One app that does it all in one single action! Select the picture or image, press record, start talking and pointing out every detail you’d possibly like to tell about. Choose a suiting filter and frame. Save. Done.

Now send out your story through all your favorite platforms and share it in a way that makes others feel like they’re standing next to you. Share your laughter, your giggles and your joy. Add that extra dimension and bring everybody closer!

The PicView iPad photo app is now available for free in the Apple Appstore: http://itunes.apple.com/be/app/picview/id538356858?mt=8&ls=1. iPhone, other stores and PicView for videos are soon to follow.

Efficiency & Business.

It’s such a drag isn’t it? Sending a pdf, document, image or presentation to someone else and writing down all the extra info that other person needs to be able to execute his or her tasks. Not to mention the possible misunderstandings, the crossfire of mails to clear things out, all to end with a conference call while both looking at the same thing on your screen.

No more wasting time with PicView! Just add your voice to documents and point out what you are talking about in one single action! Efficient briefing has arrived.

Provide all the necessary info with your documents, add tags and share it with your colleagues and business partners. Receive their spoken feedback and annotations and work out a great case.

Some sort of a ‘mad man’? Then ‘Must create creative content’ has become somewhat of a mantra. Why not combine voice and print on social networks? Or go out in the field, share that atmosphere your brand stands for and make your audience feel like they are part of the tribe.

And what if your job demands you to give instant summaries of a certain situation? Take a picture of what you see, press record, tell all the specifics while marking important details, save, send.

You could be a lifesaver.

PicView for Images

PicView for Videos

PicView in Business

Contact us to discuss what PicView can mean for you or your business via info@picview.com or via Twitter @PicView.

PicView can be integrated with any third-party apps for use on other networks and devices. Integration via the PicView API with other picture/video sharing sites and business applications is based on a license fee.

Example use cases of PicView for People, Selling, Medical, Development:http://checkthis.com/picviewusecases


HOP SA is a Belgian company founded in 1998 by Pierre Olivier specialized in the design and development of new products and holders of several international patents on photography and food. The headquarter of the company is located in Enghien (Walloon Region).

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